Actions to improve the quality of our service


Annually our staff participate in different trainings and workshops to learn an update information about: new tourism tendencies and information according to the department they belong and others. Some of the trainings they have received are: conservation, natural history, botanical, birds, routes, destinations, efficient use of water, electricity, Recycling, First AID, use of fire extinguishers and others.

Trade Shows

Once a year our Product Department organizes a Trade Show, where our suppliers are invited to visit our offices and make an exposition to our staff. They discussed about know product, rates, routes and others. The objective is to generate an opportunity to our staff and suppliers to discuss business aspects at the same time in just one place, to have new experiences and updated information to our clients.

Fam Trips

It is another mechanism to our Company to keep update of the product included in our tourism programs.  Those fam trip consist in the visit to our suppliers in their specific locations and consist in make evaluation and inspection of their product.

Also we organized fam trips to our clients.

Our Customers receive important information about our country from world class tour guides, all certified and trained in the cultural, environmental and safety issues aspects the activities they perform. We offer 24/7 customers service phone line, and we communicate periodically with our visitors, making sure their itinerary is going according to plan. Each client has an open log where everything regarding their stay in the country is recorded.