Developing Our Staff

Motivated staff members are always more productive, creative and engaged with the vision of the organization they work with. At Swiss Travel, we strive to keep a highly motivated team of professionals to achieve a new level of excellence in our services. Different activities and trainings brought our staff closer and helped improve aspects such as team work, communication and problem solving abilities and energizing.

Rezo del NiƱo

Catholic tradition, is a happy festive occasion, a nice family get-together. It takes place in the small nativity scenes still displayed in homes from Christmas and is conducted by a rezador(a), moderator (literally, prayer), male or female. The moderator says and sings the rosary with some explanation of the five mysteries. The audience joins in for some of the prayers. At the end the participants share some food.

Every year we organized this tradition to share with our employees.

Sport Festival

Annually sport activity for our staff.