Efficient Management


Between 2015-2016

We have changed the 60% of Fluorescent light to led light in our offices. Lights capable to transform up to 98 % of its energy in light and only 2 % in heat and consume between 50 % and 80 % of less energy than a fluorescent light.


Doing an efficient use of water and its waste.


Saving electricity and consuming less paper through the use of: recyclable and a not traditional cellulose paper; digital platforms of documentation, multi functional, ecological printers (which reduce the consumption of energy and paper.)


Efficient waste management plan, divided in:


Own treatment plant.


Involving our staff and clients to apply the 3Rs of recycling.

Our offices:

Bags for our buses.

Carbon Emissions

We reduce our carbon footprint and propitiate a better air quality, to reduce the greenhouse effect and climatic change through two mechanisms:

  • Mitigation Actions

Actions to reduce the emission of carbon and derives produce from our operation.

  • Compensation Actions:

Actions to recompense the carbon emissions we liberate to the atmosphere.

Some actions are:

  • Saving fuel through different techniques.
  • Washing our vehicles with water of rain.
  • Turning off our compressor in rush hours of demand.
  • Turning off our buses in waiting times.
  • Buses with procedure Euro 4.
  • Adequate maintenance and suitable use of air conditioner.
  • And others.