February 2018

February Donations

Experience the culture: Guaitil Crafts

On February 15, a group of our clients had the opportunity to visit the Guatil Development Association, which is integrated for several artisans from Guanacaste.

The tour consists of a workshop where the artisan explains the process of making the craft, the preparation of the base material, training, solidification in the ovens, tools and painting process. In addition, customers are in contact with the history, culture and the artisan ocuppation, which is very representative of the province of Guanacaste. A unique cultural experience.

At Swiss Travel, we are pleased to act as a promoter of local development in the communities we operate and, at the same time, promote respect for visitors, which is part of our social responsibility.

If you want to live this experience, contact your account executive.

Live the experience in the Blue Zones of Guanacaste

Would you like to know the secrets to have a long life? You just have to open your hands and see what happens.

The Secret to Long Life is our new experience in the area of Guanacaste. The tour visits the Blue Zone of Nicoya, to share with some of the longest populations of the community. Where the clients learn about their life routines, anecdotes and lessons, things that help to improve quality of life.

As part of our social commitment and as promoters of the sociocultural development of our communities, in December (2017) we started with the operation of an exclusive expedition. In which we explore the Blue Zone of Costa Rica (Nicoya and other cantons of Guanacaste).

The tour makes a visit to the house of Doña Felina, in La Flor de Nicoya. Here, tourists share local coffee and sandwiches.

Due to our commitment to local development, Swiss Travel has helped Doña Felina logistically and with some tools. If you want to live this experience, contact your account executive.