Future Plans

Forecast: the last of our values that encloses all our work, with the strategy of PHVA (To plan, to do, to check, to act).

Thus, 2017 will be the year of a new age in Sustainability for Swiss Travel.

We are planning to:

  • Keep the 5 leaves of CST: In 2016 we received 5 leaves of Sustainable Tourism Certification. For a tourism company achieve this level is very difficult as the evaluation is very meticulous and the company have to demonstrated to comply with all the sustainable requirements. So our new challenge is to increase our sustainable practices to keep this level.
  • Be a Carbon Neutral company: starting with our vehicle fleet.
  • The Bandera Azul Ecol√≥gica (Ecological Blue Flag Program): a national program with different cathegories. Swiss Travel will participated on the area of Climatic Change, developing strategies to eliminate, to mitigate and to reduce the emission of carbon and derivate. Our staff will be invited to participated in the category of Sustainable Homes.



Thanks to let us share our sustainable efforts!