Agents of Development

Life Quality

We believe that tourism can be an important agent of development for local communities as long as it is well managed. Thus, we have been part of different programs to support small scale entrepreneurs with: trainings, consultancies in different areas, economical support and others. Some of them are the following

Supporting their economy

(Providing prime material)

In Guanacaste we donate our recyclable materials to woman of the locality for the elaboration of different souvenirs, that them she sale on the local market.

Tour of Prestiños y Chocolate Drink, Upala

Mrs. Aracelly surprises our clients teaching them part of our typical dishes as the prestiños with chocolate drink.

What is a Prestiño?  It is a Flour tortilla, deep-fried, tossed in cinnamon sugar and then drizzled with sweet syrup.

 Marcela´s Bakery

A visit to Marcela Bakery, a micro local business, is part of our Sensoria Tour offered to our different clients.

 Trainings and Consultancies

 Caminos de Osa (Local Tourism Association)

We were part of the project “Leadership Trails: Developing and Conservation of OSA-GOLFITO”.  The objective was established as a model of economic and social integral development in zones of high environmental value that could be answered in other zones of the country and the region. Through the constitution of a leadership figure compose by local entrepreneurs in tourism.

We provide them some trainings about touristic product, customers service and others.

  • Quantity of benefited people:
  • 60 tourist projects (120 businessmen and local entrepreneurs).
  • 5-7 companies of tour local operators (5-14 participants).
  • 60 local entrepreneurs with not tourist projects.
  • Members of 5 Associations of Integral Development.
  • 600 persons of the communities of Burnt Mess, The progress, The Plans, The Palm and Port Jiménez. ·
  • 25 local guides.