Actions that Involves our Staff

Water & Electricity


We have designed campaigns to raise awareness in our personnel about the efficient use of the natural resources. Some of the campaigns were

Be Conscious, be an Efficient Consumer

Our staff gave ideas about how to be a responsible consumer.

Help the Planet and win

Tips to save water and electricity:

  • One advice to save water would be to choose and install water-saving devices that can be adapted to existing devices.
  • Turn off the light when leaving the office, even for short periods.
  • Close the faucet while I brush my teeth.
  • Try to use more natural light and turn on the lights only when necessary.
  • Turn off electrical appliances … “sumadoras” and others when we are in free time (cafe-lunch-meetings).

The best ideas were rewarded and implemented in the company


Cleaning Volunteering

To generate an additional direct impact to waste management. Our staff participated on cleanings organized by the company, in vulnerable areas where our operation generates impacts.

Some of the cleanings of the last years were:

  • Guacalillo Beach 2016 
  • Río Oro 2015 
  • Quetzalts National Park 
  • Corogres River in Santa Ana 2016 
  • Blue Beach, Garabito Puntarenas 2015 

Carbon Emissions

Planting Trees Campaigns

We organized a planting tree activity to compensate our carbon emissions.

  • Escazú Hills About 400 trees were planted 
  • Guanacaste 
  • Tierra Esperanza In 2009 we planted trees in a property of the company named “Tierra Esperanza” and currently the trees have grown, generating environmental benefits. 

Other Environmental actions

Environmental Rally

Every year the company organizes an environmental activity to commemorate the Environmental Day. Last year the company organize an Environmental Rally: it consists in various challenges that our staff has to do, plus a learning section where they have to answer some questions about nature conservation.