July & August

 Ecological Blue Flag Winners

For us it is a pleasure to share with you that three of our collaborators achieved the Ecological Blue Flag Award in the Sustainable Household category. This category seeks to promote environmental education using households as the main base, considering control, reduction and mitigation actions by the people who live in it.

Participants from registered households ensure control and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, water, electricity, refrigerant gases and the generation of waste.

In addition, they must opt ​​for the replacement of products or purchases that are not friendly to the environment. All this with the objective of supporting and contributing to the mitigation of climate change. We are proud to present our winners:

Winner of the Blue Flag of Sustainable Homes and three stars: Claudia Huls.

Winner of the Blue Flag of Sustainable Homes and two stars: Evelyn Roldán López.

Winner of the Blue Flag of Sustainable Homes and one star: Yesenia Fallas Garro.

July 25: Annexation of Nicoya

For the commemoration of this day, we enjoyed typical songs from the marimba group of the Professional Technical School of Puriscal. We tasted different traditional dishes from the territory of Nicoya, such as “biscochos”, tortillas with cheese and horchata.

In addition, a gastronomic tasting was held at our headquarters in Guanacaste. For the activity, each department prepared and explained the recipe of a traditional Nicoya dish. Our team also enjoyed the company of a folklore dance group.

With these activities, we intend to maintain the beautiful traditions of the Costa Ricans.

Refrigerant Gases Talk

At Swiss Travel, we strive to reduce and offset all the carbon dioxide emissions generated by our daily operation. That is why we offered training to all the staff, focused on demonstrating the correct processes to recover and reuse refrigerant gases.

The talk developed tips to reduce the use of refrigerant equipment, both in the office and at home.

Now, we share them with you.

  • Refrigeration equipment must receive preventive maintenance, at least twice a year. A dirty air conditioner increases the power consumption.
  • It is recommended to keep the doors and windows closed in the areas where the conditioning equipment is being used, to avoid air leaks.
  • Light colors can create a sense of freshness. Opt for paints that contain ceramic components.
  • For your refrigeration equipment to work correctly, you must ensure that the maintenance manager has the corresponding certifications and permits. In addition, ensure that contaminated refrigerant gases receive adequate treatment.

By putting these tips into practice, you will not only be generating energy savings, but you will also contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Carbon Neutrality Talk

We are proud to inform you that we have finalized the preliminary processes regarding Carbon Neutrality. This step allowed us to know the exact amount of carbon dioxide emissions that we generate daily. Which have already been compensated.

The neutral carbon certification is only granted to companies that commit themselves to control, reduce and compensate carbon emissions caused by their operations.

Bejuco School of Social Assistance Program of Cartagena

Since our beginnings, we have been committed to the development of the communities near our work zone. This project, carried out at the Bejuco School in Cartagena, was possible thanks to our Incentive Department (in Guanacaste) and the support of one of our wholesalers.

The kind words and smiles motivate us to continue developing social projects and of course, to involve you in the different causes.