November & December 2018

A Party of Joy 2018

As part of our social help commitment with the community, on December 16, Swiss Travel contributed to the annual party organized by the group Mision from the Nuestra Senora de Las Piedades parish. We donated eight cakes for 170 children and 100 adults of the Huerta and Nobe ethnic groups to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas.

Demonstrating our Mission, Vision and Sustainability Policy


Accent on Service. Exceeding customer expectations, offering the service that they expect


Maintaining leadership, based on growth and continuous improvement of our processes and services, through our values and good practices.

Sustainability Policy

“The accent that we all place on Service, for the benefit of our customers, is backed by a solid Sustainability Management System to constantly improve their level of satisfaction, considering the applicable legislation, the prevention of pollution and our social responsibility, , wherever we operate; thus achieving economic success for our Company”.


In 2018, we carried out different actions and projects that demonstrate the importance of our commitment to fulfil our Mission, Vision and Sustainability Policy. We received handwritten letters from clients who took the time to congratulate our collaborators for their excellent performance. We achieved our goal of becoming a company that measures, controls and compensates the Co2 emissions generated in their daily operations. In addition, on 2019 we will install solar panels in the offices of the Transportation Unit. With the goal of using and promoting alternative energy.

All these actions are carried out to support the continuous and sustainable development of the company.

Code of conduct

Together against commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents

In Swiss Travel, we are committed to fulfill with Law 7899-8590 against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. We kindly request your support to denounce any situation or act that you consider is threatening the innocence of minors. These are the emails and telephone numbers to report any suspicion anonymously:

  • Office of the Special Prosecutor for Sexual Offenses (Public Ministry):

  • Confidential line: 800-8000-645

           OIJ Whats App: 8800-0645

  • The information of the nearest local PANI office can be accessed at:
  • A copy of the report of cases related to sexual exploitation trafficking, should be sent to
  • To request information or make any inquiries about the procedures to follow, you can contact the Paniamor Foundation at the email: or call 2234-2993 ext. 106

Costa Rica and gender equity in business

Women rights are essential for the social and economic development of Costa Rica. Three ways to achieve gender equity on your enterprise.

In order to reduce the gap between men and women in the work area, companies must carry out measures whose main objective is to equalize the benefits in real terms. For example, promoting female participation and inclusion in the workforce.

  1. Locate possible unbalances in the workforce

Not because a company has a majority of women is considered gender equality, on the contrary, it is necessary to analyze the composition of the workforce by levels of responsibility. Once this is done, the important thing is to study if there are wage differences between employees and understand the reasons behind them.

  1. Identify the benefits

A balanced workforce between men and women brings concrete financial returns in the form of higher profits and a steady growth.

  1. Obtain a certification

There are both global (EDGE) and local certifications in Latin America and the Caribbean. An environment of equality requires constant work and companies can only obtain it if they periodically review their policies and the state of diversity of their human talent.

 Volunteer in Guacalillo

Year after year, we carry out a waste collection at Playa Guacalillo. This coast is one of the most affected by the waste coming from the great Metropolitan Area and arriving through the Río Grande de Tárcoles.

This solidary gesture is carried out to support the conservation, restoration and protection of the environment. In addition, to collaborate with the development of the municipal social responsibility project Bandera Azul Ecológica, which is carried out in the Guacalillo beach sector.

In total, it was possible to collect an amount of 800 kilograms of ordinary and recoverable waste, which was delivered to the municipality of Garabito to apply a correct final management.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in ODS compliance

Costa Rica next step to overcome the achievements made by the country in the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda is to include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as axes of the next National Plan for Development and Public Investments (PNDIP) and within the National Strategy Plan for Costa Rica in 2050.

María del Pilar Garrido Gonzalo, Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy highlighted this, in the speech given during a meeting with Antonio Guterres, General Secretary of the United Nations (UN).

“I am here, above all, to pay tribute to Costa Rica, for the vanguard character and pioneer in the construction of inclusive, sustainable development. (…) Seeing Costa Rica’s commitment to inclusiveness is absolutely admirable. Equally admirable is the commitment to sustainability.” said Guterres.

Through this message, the General Secretary highlighted the country’s determination to commit to inclusion, sustainability and the fight against climate change, among others.