March 2018

Let’s promote a CO2-free environment

This month we conducted an awareness campaign about Fossil Fuels with our collaborators. We send press releases, trivias and elaborate a mural to record reduction actions that we can carry out.

Why talk about Fossil Fuels?

Because, they are one of the elements that generate more: atmospheric pollutants, greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. These extreme climatic phenomena are becoming more frequent affecting the lives of all.

This is why we encourage practices to reduce the excessive consumption of fossil fuels. For example:

  • Use public transport service.
  • Walk
  • Use a bicycle
  • Drive efficiently; avoid unnecessary acceleration & practice preventive maintenance on your vehicle.


First Aid Brigade

In March, we were able to train the first group of collaborators in first aid. Action that allows us to be closer to achieving our goal, of forming a brigade. Now, our staff is trained to correctly handle situations that require intervention and in the same way, keep people safe.


Campaign: Recyclable Waste Collection

Our Transportation Department provided support to the Nuevo Horizonte School, located in a marginal zone, with the objective of contributing to its Blue Flag program. We collect recyclable materials for the benefit of the community.


Costa Rica wants to ban plastic for 2021

Officials from the Ministry of Environment (MINAE), the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the United Nations Development Program (PNUD), outlined the strategy that will allow the country to replace plastic products for those made with biodegradable materials, renewable and compostable.

The main objective is that, by the year 2021, at least 80% of public agencies, municipalities and companies in the country replace their disposable plastic containers, by others made with materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Costa Rica generates 4,000 tons of waste per day, of which approximately 11% corresponds to plastics, which end up in rivers that flow into the sea. A study says that in the last decade we produced more plastic than in the last century.

Hundreds of non-governmental organizations such as the Cooperation Foundation of Costa Rica USA and MarViva, as well as the National Chamber of Retailers, have already joined the plan and are publicly supporting actions that will protect the environment.


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