Swiss Travel reaffirms its leadership on Sustainable Traveling

Swiss Travel has achieved Elite Level, the highest level of the Sustainable Tourism Certificate, emitted by Costa Rica’s Tourism Institute.

This award recognizes the efforts of the company to reduce all impact produced by its operations, by managing different areas:

  • Business management: actions taken by the company in terms of sustainability, service quality, safety, collaborator development, regulations compliance, facilities and equipment management.
  • Social, economic and cultural impact: this is how the company supports local communities towards development, gender equality and promotion of local culture. Also measures waste management, and power consumption technology.
  • Environmental impact: Swiss Travel’s efforts in energy efficiency, water management, use of clean energies and its contribution on environment conservation, carbon footprint mitigation and policies to adapt to climate change.

This is another great result for all the efforts and investments made by Swiss Travel, like achieving also the highest-level certification in carbon neutrality, and investment in clean energies and equipment in its facilities.

All of our clients can be sure that Swiss Travel makes extensive efforts to protect our customers, our country and our environment.

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